Why Us

Why Qwik Power Solution

Excellent sales and service network across nation.

Great Team with Positive Outlook and vast experience in the field.

100% BIS Quality Standards.

Timely delivery of products.

Customer Focused Products.

Competitive Pricing

Core Features

Our battery can provide you 20% higher backup compare to other brands with cost.

Lithium-ion batteries are common in consumer electronics. They are one of the most popular types of rechargeable batteries for portable electronics, with a high energy density, no memory effect and only a slow loss of charge when not in use. Beyond consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries have also grown in popularity for military, electric vehicle and aerospace applications. Researchers are exploring new energy storage technology that could give the battery an even longer life cycle.

Qwik Power Solution is know for its quality. We made our design completely spill proof and leak proof. It helps to reduce the risk of leakage and made battery to easy to transport.

Qwik Power battery has calcium technology, which helps battery to save more power and gives your car a smooth power.

Self-discharge is a phenomenon in batteries in which internal chemical reactions reduce the stored charge of the battery without any connection between the electrodes. Self-discharge decreases the shelf life of batteries and causes them to initially have less than a full charge when actually put to use. Our battery has low self discharging technology and helps to improve the life of battery.

The maintenance on Qwik Power batteries is very law. So, stay worried free.

We have very unique frame arrester design. It helps to seal the battery from all side. Due to its unique design, the chance of leakage is negative.

We used lead-antimony technology to preparing grids in lead-acid electric accumulators. It is added to improve the strength and castability of the alloy.