With the pandemic, people decided to stay back and work from home, and there have been many cases that complained about their electricity bills through a news report. Moreover, many people connected through social media and expressed their discomfort with inflated power bills. But, this is not the solution. Every month one cannot fight for these reasons. Let’s talk about solar batteries to get rid of this solution.

Instead of facing all these problems, there is a long term solution that is gradually withdrawing the electricity grid and setting up your solar energy installation at home. Initially, the cost may seem high, but after the long run, you can reduce the overall expenses and can experience the power for free.

Many of the house owners across the country had seen a drastic change in the reduction of electricity bills when they went to solar. There are many solar companies in India to help you achieve these objectives. 

Traditionally, house owners go for backup generators to protect themselves against grid outages. Nowadays, according to modern technology, the market has been transformed into new technologies. Furthermore, state-of-the-art solar batteries offer a far better alternative to home backup than generators do. 

Here are the reasons why Solar batteries are better than Generators.

1. Solar Battery Is Quiet

Generators are noisy and incessant bother lasts longer until the outage persists, maybe hours or days. By contrast, solar batteries are silent. You would not be able to know that a solar battery was powering your home even if you are standing next to it. 

2. Clean : 

Diesel generators emit carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, particulate matter, and other hydrocarbons. Along with this Propane and natural gas, generators emit dangerous emissions as well. These are very dangerous at your home.

Generator emissions can be dangerous. Carbon monoxide poisoning from using generators can kill more people than natural disasters. Conversely, solar batteries emit no emissions of any kind. There will no negative impact on public health because the battery comes sealed.

3. Small:

Portable generators look small, but built-in generators occupy more space. Suppose if you want to install the generators, there will be a need to construct a concrete base. 

Solar batteries are wall-mounted and do not require any construction work. Hence, they only stand a few inches away from the wall, and therefore you can sit comfortably alongside your solar equipment, etc. 

4. Reliable: 

Solar batteries require less maintenance compared to generators. To make sure all the internal components of the generator are lubricated, they must cycle at least once per month. Most people will go to a technician to inspect the generator every year for a good working order.

Solar batteries require no maintenance of any kind. The solar battery will less maintenance throughout its entire service life. On the other hand, you only need to do surface cleaning. 

5. Saves Your Money:

The generator is only useful when you have a power outage. Assume that there is no power for three full-days that is a total of 72 hours, even though that is still less than 1% of the time. That means you are spending thousands of money on a solution that provides limited benefit from a long-term perspective.

Solar batteries operate every single day of the year and will save you money, and the remaining 99%, you can sit and relax by reducing your electricity bill. 

Other reasons are :

  • Instant-On
  • Natural Disaster-Proof
  • Can Run Indefinitely
  • Enables Energy Independence
  • Can Be Free

There are numerous advantages to solar batteries over generators. Homeowners will actively look to batteries rather than generators to fulfill their battery backup needs. Keeping in mind public health and climatic changes, that is a good thing indeed. 

The most common batteries on the market today are Qwik Batteries, Amaron, Exide. If you are interested in getting more information on solar batteries for your home, head over to qwikpower.com contact us page and schedule a call with our technical team experts. Our experts can answer all of your questions about solar batteries and help you find the right solution for you!