The lifespan of a car largely depends on its battery. The heat produced in a vehicle’s engine while driving can rapidly destroy its battery capacity. This is why a car battery lasts twice as long in colder weather conditions as that in warmer climates. Moreover, the battery loses its charge if your car is left idle for long.

Keeping these points in mind will help in maintaining a healthy condition for your car battery. So now, to understand how to keep your car battery healthy, follow the tips given below.

*Checking the Battery Voltage

Your car’s battery life reduces when left uncharged or half-charged for a long time. Thus, you need to check your battery voltage with a voltmeter at least once a month. You should maintain a minimum charge of 12.7 volts or above for keeping a car battery in a healthy form.

*Best car battery brands.

When it comes to purchasing a car battery, always consider buying branded products. qwik offers a complete range of modern Maintenance Free car and SUV batteries that can deliver years of dependable service.

*Adding Distilled Water

Car battery requires distilled water to function effectively, especially while absorbing the heat of the car engine. Mixing distilled water to the car battery helps maintain a healthy by extending its life. The extreme hot temperature can cause severe harm during summer by evaporating the essential fluids inside a car battery. Thus, adding distilled water helps reduce cell damage caused because of overheating.

*Drive Your Car Regularly

Cars are meant to be driven. If you leave your vehicle sitting idle for long, the battery will lose its power. A battery needs an minimum driving distance to fully recharge. If you don’t drive often or drive for only short distances, your battery won’t get charged sufficiently and will drain out faster.

Pay attention to warning lights on your dashboard.

It should go without saying, but sometimes there’s a temptation to ignore a warning light on the dashboard until you reach your destination. That’s a pretty dangerous approach, so it’s always best to check out your car’s handbook to see what’s happening before you set off, particularly where the battery is concerned. If you’re still unsure, don’t drive the car. Get in touch with your mechanic for advice before you go anywhere.

*Keeping The Battery Clean

Do not let dirt assemble on the battery, which can result in draining of the battery charge through the dust of the battery casing. This can also result in a short circuit that could make the battery dead. The terminals of the battery also corrode over time, so it is required to clean the terminals with the help of a brush to reduce dirt related corrosion.

*Turn Off All the Lights When You leave the car

Just like appliances, these lights pull power directly from the battery when the car isn’t running. Once you turn the car off, turn off all the lights that are on. Don’t start them up again until you start the engine.
Double check to make sure your headlights are off before walking away from the car.