Imagine you going for a drive to spend some peaceful time with your friends or loved ones, or driving to your office in a hurry and got stuck in the middle of your way as your car’s battery needs some more attention from you. Yes, it spoils your happiness, mood, and also irritates you in such a hurry-time when you are already late to your office. In such a way, there are many such problems related to the car’s battery life and one needs to take extra care of it to improve the car’s battery life and performance.

However, the main reasons for such apparent failure of car battery are acid stratification and low charge. Acid stratification occurs when the electrolyte is concentrated at the bottom part of the battery causing the upper half to be acid poor. Furthermore, the major things that go wrong with car batteries affecting its performance and battery life are:

  • Separator failure between the positive and negative plates of the short-circuited cell.
  • Build-up of the shed plate material between the plates.
  • Sulfation when the battery is not used for a long period of time or in a low- or no-charge state.
  • Damage or corrosion to the positive and negative terminals.
  • Broken internal connections due to corrosion.
  • Broken plates due to vibration and corrosion.
  • Damaging of the battery case.
  • Low fluid (electrolyte) level.

In addition, due to these factors, there are some common problems that you come across with the poor performance of your car’s battery life. Let’s get into detail about these common issues.

Slow Engine Crank: –

Have you ever come across the sluggish engine of your vehicle (car) when you are starting your car? If it’s a long time or near to the warranty period of your car battery, it starts troubling you with the slow cranking of the engine.  It gives you a kind of “rur rur rur” sound while starting the engine and takes longer than the normal time to start your car.

Check Engine Light: –

When your battery power is weak, you can see the appearance of the check engine light. Such indicator lights like check engine and low coolant mean, there’s an issue with your battery and need to be checked by a technician.

Low Fluid Level: –

In most of the car batteries, you can check the fluid level due to the translucent casing. Furthermore, if your car battery is not sealed, then you can simply open the red and black caps and check your battery’s fluid level.

Note: – If the liquid level is below the lead plates, then you need to consider it as a signal and get your car battery tested.

Swelling of the Battery Case: –

Alike your mobile battery, car batteries also gets swollen due to the excessive heat of your car battery. And if your car battery looks like swollen or bloated, then you can consider that your car battery is dead.

Rotten Egg Smell: –

After some years of your car battery, the battery starts leaking due to the corrosion around posts (+ve and –ve terminals) and you can smell like a pungent, rotten egg (sulfur odor). Furthermore, the gunk that is gathered around posts or terminals should be removed in order to start your car.

Battery’s Age: –

May it be any type of battery; its life can be for a certain time period. If your car battery has three years warranty and if your car battery is near to the warranty period, then you will start facing major problems and need to be replaced.

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