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Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries are also known as flat plate Value Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Batteries. As the name says, these types of batteries are completely sealed and do not require any topping up or constant maintenance. Unlike other batteries, these sealed maintenance-free batteries do not emit any gases or fumes on a regular basis. Thus, the risk of acid spillage during transportation is also eliminated. Furthermore, sealed maintenance-free batteries in India can be simply mounted in any orientation and used for high-end applications like Electric converters, security systems, UPS, Railway communications, etc. QWIK Power Industries India LLP has been recognized as a top-notch SMF battery supplier in India due to the excellent quality of batteries, robust structure, and reallylong-lasting nature. Furthermore, QWIK Sealed Maintenance-free Batteries are manufactured with the use of advanced technology and world-class well-engineered manufacturing methods. Thus, it makes QWIK SMF Batteries last long, more reliable, and sustainable.

In addition, SMF/VRLA batteries are designed and manufactured in a way to meets up the highest industry standards and the technical specifications of robust applications. These batteries are made with the use of the latest technologies along with the Absorbent Glass Mat, and lead-tin-calcium alloy. Sealed Maintenance-free Batteries, also known as SMF batteries in India are fabricated in tough ABS containers to increase their durability. Thus, QWIK SMF batteries have emerged into the market promising you a high performance, maintenance-free, and no emission of fumes or gases. So, if you are searching for the best SMF battery suppliers in India, then choose QWIK Sealed Maintenance-free Batteries that are available at very competitive prices.


* More Economical compared to the other types of battery.

* Absolutely no maintenance and delivers high performance.

* High Backup.

* Low Self Discharge.

* Long shelf life of above 6 months.

* Design Long life cycle.

* As there is no leakage or water spill during transportation,

* you can install the battery in the equipment prior to the transportation.