In INDIA, most of the locations face extreme voltage fluctuations and power cuts so the use of inverters is high in demand in order to experience an uninterrupted power supply. QWIK, a leading battery supplier in INDIA provides high-quality tubular batteries at very affordable prices. Furthermore, these tubular batteries in INDIA are designed and manufactured with the use of advanced technology and thus, making it feasible to work in extreme temperatures.

Being recognized as one of the best battery suppliers in Hyderabad, INDIA – we made available QWIK Tubular Batteries at various specifications so that they can be used at various applicative areas like offices, institutions, industries, homes, companies, etc. These QWIK batteries are highly reliable, provide high performance, require less maintenance, deliver an uninterrupted power supply, and are available at very competitive prices. We provide inverter batteries for the people who rely on inverter applications. With cutting-edge technology and high-quality components, our short and long tubular batteries provide high performance and low maintenance. In addition, when you will buy tubular inverter batteries from QWIK – top tubular battery suppliers in INDIA, you will have a smooth experience as the QWIK batteries are known to be durable and highly reliable.

In tubular batteries, the active material is sealed in polyester tubes called gauntlets that result in flexible oxidation-resistant, extra-strong, and no corrosion; ensuring longer battery life and high performance. Furthermore, QWIK tubular batteries in INDIA are made with corrosion-resistant and high-purity spine alloy composition, thus enabling them to provide superior performance to other batteries. However, if you are looking for the top tubular battery suppliers in INDIA, then contact QWIK to get the best tubular batteries for your application needs.


* These are highly durable.

* Longer Cycle Life.

* Hybrid Technology.

* High Backup.

* It requires less time to charge and runs for a longer time.

* It requires less maintenance.

* Has a very low self-discharge ratio.

* It has the ability to perform in extreme temperatures.

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