Opting for solar power is the best decision that you can make in today’s global warming scenario. If you are planning to or have installed solar panels at your home, offices, industries, schools or colleges, then you are in the right path to protect our mother earth’s environment. Furthermore, in order to experience better performance and more efficiency from your solar panels, it is necessary to buy the best solar battery which is the backbone of your solar panels and solar power. Here, we have listed the top 5 solar battery companies in India which are the best brands from the last couple of years and thus, can enable you to get the best brand’s solar battery to your home, institute, office, etc.  

  1. Loom Solar: –

Loom Solar – India’s No. 1 solar company in India provides trustworthy and winning solar products in the market. Loom solar has created a benchmark and earned its reputation since its commencement. It is one of the most reliable brands in India and left its footprint in every corner of the nation. Loom solar, being renowned as the leading solar company in India provides the latest solar products for various applicative needs such as solar panels, solar systems, solar chargers, and solar inverters along with the delivery and installation. Furthermore, Loom solar has also started manufacturing its own products and uses state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture a wide range of solar products. The technicians, quality controllers, research and development team use the latest technologies to manufacture solar products in India through which people can experience the most advanced features for their applications.  

  1. Qwik Batteries: –

Qwik Power Industry India LLP, being renowned as one of the leading battery suppliers in India provide all types of batteries that are manufactured under-state-of-the-art manufacturing units. Qwik is recognized as one of the most trustworthy brands in the country because of the high-quality and high-performing batteries and solar panels that they deliver into the market. Furthermore, under the supervision of expert technicians, research and development team; solar batteries are designed and developed with the most advanced technologies. These solar batteries in India provide exclusive features like efficient storage of energy, able to operate under partially charged condition, withstand daily charge-discharge cycle, and fast recharging.

  1. Vikram Solar: –

Vikram Solar is headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal – is known to be the best manufacturer of PV solar modules. Furthermore, Vikram solar is equipped with large manufacturing facilities and thus, produces a wide range of solar panels. In addition, being one of the top-notch solar companies in India, it provides comprehensive EPC solutions in the market. In addition, Vikram group is into the market for more than four decades in engineering and manufacturing activities and thus, their solar module production capacity has reached to 1GW.  

  1. Luminous Batteries: –

If you have come across the top solar battery companies in India and never heard about Luminous batteries, then you might have missed the best brand batteries. Especially in solar batteries industry, Luminous has marked its place at the top in the list because of their expertise in C-10 rating deep-cycle batteries. Thus, they manufacture and provide high-quality solar batteries that have longer power backup. Luminous – the best battery supplier in India is recognized as a pro in making home UPS systems, solar applications, and inverter batteries.

  1. Tata Solar: –

Tata Solar, one of the leading solar companies in India that provide an extensive range of solar products. If you are planning to save your electricity bills, then get high-quality solar panels and solar batteries only from Tata Solar. It is renowned as the oldest company in India that does solar panel manufacturing operations and provides EPC services. Furthermore, Tata Solar has marked its footprints in various projects like industrial, commercial, on-grid and off-grid solar projects, and residential segments.