Generator – a machine that converts one form of energy (especially, mechanical energy) into another form of energy (electrical energy). In areas where there is no electrical grid available and also during power outages at homes, businesses, or institutions; the generator is used to supply electricity. Furthermore, though there are different types of generators available in the market for different application needs, it includes a battery that is used to provide power to start the generator engine. However, most of the generator sets use a standard lead-acid battery.

In addition, there are two types of generator batteries available in the market: conventional and maintenance-free. In conventional type, the cells have individual caps through which you can fill and test the electrolyte whereas, in maintenance-free batteries i.e. also known as sealed batteries, you cannot check the specific gravity of the battery or add electrolyte. Furthermore, if you are coming across improper functioning of the generator or if it is taking too much time to start the engine, then in most of the cases, the problem may be with the battery. It is also recognized that the battery is the only component that is susceptible to damage as its plates are prone to the accumulation of lead sulfates.

So, for the proper and efficient working of your generator, it is important to take care of your Genset battery equally and take necessary precautions. Therefore, here are some important things to do that enables you to maintain the generator battery in good condition. Thus, taking care of the Genset battery and all the essential components guarantees a safe and more economical operation of the generator.

Some of the Basic Aspects that need to be known are:

  • When the battery charger is connected to the mains or whenever the engine is running, the battery gets charged. Furthermore, when the battery is charged, the voltage range will be between 12.4 volts to 12.6 volts.
  • Before you attempt to handle the generator battery, you should disconnect it from the mains and other connected terminals.
  • If you kept the generator OFF for a long time and if there is no mains supply to the battery charger, you should cut the power or disconnect the battery terminals. Doing so will help you to protect the battery from complete discharge as some components may remain active and consume power.
  • Lack of maintenance, high temperatures, and misuse may lead to improper working of a battery and thus, needs a replacement.
  • You can easily take care of your battery following simple methods and also with fewer expenses.

Generator Battery – Maintenance Tips

  1. Check the Battery Water Level: –

Even if you are using the generator or not, whether the Genset battery is running or stopped, the water level in the battery tends to decrease. Furthermore, as a low level of liquid could damage the battery, it is necessary to check the water level of the battery frequently. In addition, you should add only distilled water and not the regular tap water.

  1. Clean and Tighten the Battery Terminals: –

When the generator and the battery inside it are working, its operation leads to the creation of gaps between the poles or terminals of the battery. Thus, it generates oxidation between them. So, it is important to regularly clean the battery terminals and tighten them in order to protect the battery from damage. You can also put a protection product or a vaseline to prevent further oxidation between the terminals.

  1. Check the Voltage: –

With just a multimeter, you can check the voltage between the battery terminals regularly. Take a multimeter, set it to the DC voltage position, and connect it to the positive and negative terminals. The voltage level should be above 12 volts, i.e. between 12.4 volts to 12.6 volts. However, if the resulting voltage is below 12 volts, then the battery needs to be replaced as it could not supply the DC electrical part to the generator. Thus, if the voltage between the terminals of the battery is below 12 volts, it cannot provide efficient power to start the engine and put it to work.

  1. Start the Generator Regularly: –

If you stop using the generator for too many days i.e. keeping the generator down for a long period may result in damaging the battery. So, it is necessary to start the generator frequently.

Furthermore, you can follow the tips that are mentioned above and properly maintain your Genset battery. If you take care of the battery and the generator, then it will work very effectively for a long time. Just like, how we eat healthy food and take care of our health regularly to live a long life.