The product warranty is extremely important if you want to buy large-scale solar products like completely relying on solar energy.
For example, solar energy systems in your homes are built to last for about 12-15 years. Having a warranty close to that period is very important if you have problems with their products. The more extended the warranty, the better. That’s why before you decide on buying solar products, you have to read the description and check if their product has an extended warranty period.

* Choose the right technology

there are various types of solar panel available in the market. choosing the right one according to your requirements and which is the best and latest product. How long your solar inverter ends up lasting is actually dependent the most on its battery. Thus, it is very important to choose the battery for your solar inverter very wisely.

*The manufacturer should have good reputation

Well-known manufacturers provide good solar products. If the company that supplies you with solar products is reliable, there is a great chance that the products you receive are made out of high-quality materials. A well-known manufacturer may also be able to help you with problems and issues that arise with your products.

*Reasonable price

Cost is the major issue why solar systems are not common in regular houses. Solar system is one large investment that returns as much as 90% of reduced annual power bill annually. Those who have low power consumption can earn from extra electricity being generated by their solar system.


Since your panels will be exposed to the natures elements, durability is another factor that you should take into account. Panels that easily break must be avoided since system downtime will take a huge hit on your pocket.
When purchasing with solar companies, it’s best to inquire about the long-term durability of their panels. Manufacturers must disclose the results of their testing to back the validity of their products.

*Location and shape of the roof

fixing the solar panel in the right direction to absorb the sunlight and attain the benefits of solar energy is most important thing, secondly roof of the house comes in different shapes and sizes as they are constructed according to one own convivence, so the dimension of the solar panel should be suitable to fix on the roof.