We can avoid the annoying dead car battery. To prevent and help the dead car battery, we must know the causes for it. So, put aside the jumper cables and check for the things that can drain your car battery.

What Can Drain Your Car Battery?

1. You left the headlights on:

The first thing is to check your headlights if your car battery is draining. Many new vehicles have designed headlights on, and it will be off after a certain amount of time automatically. But if your car battery doesn’t have this feature, then your headlights may be on until you turn them off or till the car battery is completely drained.

2. By parasitic draw:

Even when the car is off, your battery uses the power of a Clock, Radio, or Alarm system. These things should not have a major impact, but the interior lights, door lights, or bad fuses have a major impact that causes battery drain.

While your engine runs, The alternator recharges the battery. So, there will be no tension on the battery. But when the engine is not running, there will be no chance of the alternator recharging the battery. This occurs electrical mishaps that cause battery drain. To prevent, make sure all the lights are turned off, doors closed to avoid a parasitic draw.

3. Battery connections are loose or corroded:

Check your battery positive and negative terminals because sometimes they may lose the connections. These battery terminals may also become corroded. If your battery terminals get loose or corroded, the vehicle couldn’t start properly and gives trouble because the battery doesn’t transmit the power supply. To prevent corrosion-related problems, follow the cleaning and maintenance tips of a car battery that we provided in one of our blogs. 

4. It’s extremely cold:

Freezing winter days can cause problems for your car battery. Qwik Batteries have a high tendency to have more resistance to extreme temperatures. But if your battery is weak and intense cold could weaken its performance more, so in this case, you can contact Qwik batteries service – our auto expert technicians will help diagnose and troubleshoot the issue. This is one of the common reasons that can drain your car battery.

5. Battery isn’t charging:

Your car is dependent on your battery when you fire up the engine, but once the vehicle starts running, the battery is dependent on the alternator to stay charged. If your alternator isn’t working correctly, then the power is not transmitted to the battery, and the vehicle gets into trouble during driving. 

6. Short Drives.

During short drives, your alternator doesn’t get enough time to recharge the battery while running. Frequent short trips can damage the car battery’s life span. But nowadays, batteries are coming up with high cranking power. You can get high cranking power Qwik car batteries

7. Battery is old. 

If your car battery dies even after the jumpstart, then it’s time for a replacement. Frequent short drives, extreme temperatures can shorten the life span of the battery to 2-3 years. These are simple reasons that can drain your car battery. Make sure to check all these things and go for replacement.

For a new battery installation – contact the Qwik Batteries team.