Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries


A hybrid system works by using solar PV power during the day – with excess power used to charge your batteries for later use at night. … The hybrid solar unit is an additional inverter which takes your solar PV, mains, batteries and optional generator – combines and stabilizes it all into one.

The general range for a solar battery’s useful lifespan is between 5 and 8 years. The lifespan of a solar battery is primarily determined by its use cycles. A flooded battery may last for 1500 to 1800 cycles during normal use.

The main advantage of a maintenance free battery is that the electrolyte inside is completely absorbed in the separator and does not require water to be added regular basis. It does not need regular maintenance or ventilation, and can resist different climates in a better way than flooded ones

Less than 3% in 28 days


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