motorcycle batteries


Overview: –

For most of the individuals, riding a bike is a kind of joy and happiness and if you face disturbance in your ride, replace your poor quality battery with high-quality Qwik motorcycle battery. Being renowned as the best battery suppliers in India, we provide superior quality bike batteries that are designed with advanced technology. Furthermore, these batteries are manufactured with the state-of-the-art VRLA technology and thus, providing an extensive range of zero maintenance bike batteries in Hyderabad and across India.

Qwik, a leading battery supplier in Hyderabad, India has experienced technicians and quality control team and they are the reason to uplift this firm as a brand. In addition, we provide both AGM and dry-charged types of batteries at affordable prices. So, in order to experience an effective ride, it is very important to choose our high performing motorcycle batteries.

We understand the pleasure you get by riding your bike and ensure you a smooth ride with our best motorcycle batteries available in India. Our ardent team of experts and technicians at Qwik – the best battery suppliers in India has designed high-end motorcycle batteries that provide you a great experience with your two-wheelers. Moreover, the bike batteries that are supplied by Qwik require low maintenance as they are manufactured with calcium technology. Furthermore, they also provide high cranking power and delivers high performance. So, buy a motorcycle battery from Qwik Power Industries India LLP – a leading battery supplier in Hyderabad

Features: –

  • Vibrant resistant with outstanding starting power.
  • Minimum self-discharge ratio.
  • Zero maintenance.
  • Central gas venting system.
  • Longer service life.


Model No.AhDimentions in mmWeightin kgWarranty
Motorcycle Series
QR12R 2.5  LB2.581711051.024+24
QR12R 5 LB5.0118581301.724+24
QR12R 7 LB7.0146601312.224+24
QR12R 9 LB9.0135771322.724+24
QR12R 14 LB14.0   4.524+24
QR12R 4 TZ4   1.324+24
QR12R 9 TZ9   2.924+24
7.27.2   2.212