Lithium – Ion Batteries

Qwik pledges you to provide the best lithium rechargeable batteries for your appliances needs that are Pre designed and developed with the use of latest technologies and high-quality components. Lithium-ion battery is the most dominant battery system finding applications for variety of societal needs including handy consumer electronics goods such as electronic car, electronic scooters, Inverter, cameras and many other portable consumer gadgets. Additionally, Qwik ithium-ion is a low maintenance battery, an advantage that most other chemistries cannot claim. There is no memory and no scheduled cycling is required to prolong the battery’s .

lithium-ion battery is designed in a way that , it’s important to always keep this type of battery at least partially charged. If batteries are reduced to zero or extremely low charges, circuits put in place for protection may turn off. The circuits are put in place to protect the battery. When a battery is discharged to extremely low levels dendrites can form which can short circuit the battery.


     * Long Cycle Life
     * Light Weight
     * Safe Operation
     * Fast Charging
     * Compact Size
     * Low Self Discharge
     * Eco Friendly
     * Attractive cycle life
     * Wide operating temperature range
     * Unrivalled high temperature
     * performance
     * Green energy without metal contaminant
     * Withstanding very high level of vibrations and shocks