Many of us are working from home and no more to travel to the workplace and, it’s wintertime. Now the problem arises with the motorcycle batteries. Wintertime and the temperature remain cold can be especially tricky when coming to taking care of motorcycle batteries. The extreme cold and the lack of usage of the vehicle is hard on a battery. So winter maintenance plays a vital role. Here are some of the following tricks to keep your motorcycle battery charged in the winter.

So, how do you keep your motorcycle battery charged in the winter? Here are the following tips:

  1. Inspect your battery:

    The first step in the winter for your motorcycle battery is to check cables, posts, fasteners. Use the battery cleaner spray or stiff brush to clean the terminals. To prevent corrosion apply dielectric grease or anti-corrosive spray onto the terminal connectors. Check the battery terminals are connected tightly and also the cables and their housings are in perfect shape.

  2. Top up your battery:

    Check the electrolyte level if the battery is not a sealed unit using distilled water to top up the cells that appear low. Do not overfill the water – Qwik Batteries friendly reminder.

  3. Check your battery’s charge:

    Make sure to check the battery’s charge with a multimeter before you slap a trickle charge on it. Check the battery’s state of charge and recycle it if required or get a new one. If the state of charge is over 12.73 volts, your battery is in great shape. Above 12.06 volts means it needs some charge applied and will be fine, but under 12.06 volts, it’s time for a replacement.

  4. Choose the right battery that fits in your bike:

    If you need to purchase a new battery, check the battery that fits your requirement. Moreover, it is recommended to go for manual for different models.

  5. Hook it up to a trickle charger:

    Motorcycle battery chargers are designed to be used as simple. Buy a charger or use the appropriate style of charger for your kind of battery. Don’t use the charger that uses for lithium-ion batteries. They are special chargers that are designed for lead-acid batteries.

  6. Ensure your battery is charged:

    Make sure to check the trickle charger is working properly once a month. When the snow melts, you can kick start your bike and can enjoy your ride.

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