Qwik Power Industry India LLP is recognized as India’s largest supplier and exporter of Tubular batteries, Automotive batteries, Solar batteries, Motorcycle batteries, VRLA/SMF batteries, E-Rickshaw batteries and 2-Volt batteries. Furthermore, being a leading battery suppliers in India, we have 100+ dealers all over India.

With a strong presence in various countries like UAE, Malwai (SA), Nepal, Lebanon, Oman, Ethiopia (SA), Afghanistan, Nigeria, Argentina, Muscat, Kuwait, etc.; Qwik Power is known as the largest battery exporter from India.

Qwik, the best battery suppliers in Hyderabad, India has a team of ardent experts who are dedicated to providing superior quality batteries and services to our clients. We are also proud to say that it is because of our quality controllers and technical professionals; Qwik Power Industry India LLP is now renowned as a leading battery supplier in India. The high standard batteries they design and manufacture at par excellence specifications helped us recognized as a brand for the quality and performance. Our technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable and thus, we have the ability to understand our client needs and offer customized options in terms of product range. Thus, client satisfaction is our highest priority. In addition, as per the preferences and requisites of our clients, we deliver products and services accordingly and at competitive prices.

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Huge Opportunities : –

  • As per the competitive pressures in the industrial battery segment and a cyclical slowdown in the auto battery segment, the battery industry is evolving.
  • For the organized players, there is a strong growth of 16-17% as the GST would drive consolidation in the replacement market of inverter and automotive batteries.
  • New segments in the industrial applications led to E-rickshaw, solar, and automotive batteries.
  • Though the lead-acid batteries (LAB) are highly preferable for starter, lighting, and ignition (SLI) applications, Electric vehicles (EVs) are unlikely to displace them. By the year 2030, the manufacturing of Li-ion batteries could be a USD42b opportunity (~9x of LAB).

A shift from Unorganized sector to Organized sector : –

Qwik Power Industry India LLP, a leading battery supplier in India is known as an organized sector in the battery market. Now, most of the people from various industries.

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