The Indian subcontinent is anticipated to be hit by monsoons soon, so one should prepare their vehicles ahead of time. The monsoons may be hard on batteries; if you don’t maintain your battery during the monsoons, you may need to replace your vehicle battery.

These steps mentioned in the article will not only reduce the dangers you and your vehicle will encounter in the rain, but they will also keep you and your vehicle safe.

Before the monsoon season comes, be sure you examine or repair the following items.

1.Look for corrosion symptoms

Your Vehicle’s battery might be corroded, which happens when your car sits dormant for months without being used. Corrosion occurs on the terminals of your vehicle’s battery and around the battery cable ends when the battery and engine are not operating, and it becomes worse while the battery and engine are not running. Corrosion can obstruct the capacity of the battery terminals to conduct electricity and, in extreme situations and totally halt the flow.

 Thus, it’s important that Battery corrosion must be checked and cleaned on a regular basis to substantially enhance the life and performance of your battery.

2.Clean the Battery

Regularly cleaning your battery might help it last longer. Whether you clean it yourself or hire a professional, there are a few safety and success precautions to take. Wear protective eyewear, take off any jewelry, and refrain from smoking in the area. The first step is to clean and examine the case using paper towels and a mild detergent. Next, check the electrolyte level. If the level is too low, distilled water can be added. When checking the terminals, if corrosion is discovered, combine equal parts baking soda and water to eliminate the corrosion, then rinse with water.

3.Fasten the Terminals

Keep in mind that if you don’t secure your battery’s terminals into the poles firmly enough, the chance of corrosion increases. The gaps between the poles and terminals allow gases to evaporate and settle, causing the residue to form. The presence of corrosion might cause the terminals to stay in place, so make sure they are securely screwed in.

4.Keep the Battery Warm

Because cold weather is terrible for your battery, it’s critical to keep it warm during the winter. In order to keep automobiles operating in the cold, an engine or battery warmer is frequently recommended. They not only make it easier to start the batteries, but they also aid to reduce the amount of power used. 

5.Replace Battery in Time

Each and Every automobile battery should be replaced once in four years, and it’s critical that you remember to do so to guarantee that your vehicle works correctly. There’s nothing worse than losing power in the middle of a trip, so don’t try to stretch the life of your battery any farther than it has to be.

6.Give the Battery some air don’t overcharge

Last but not least, you must give your battery some breathing room. If you have to manually charge your battery, be cautious not to overcharge it, since this might destroy it. Check on the battery every half-hour to see how it’s performing. This step is critical since it aids in the cooling of your vehicle’s battery. This is free, but it may make a significant difference in the quality and performance of your battery.

7.Invest in battery Charger

Short automobile journeys can affect your vehicle’s battery, something you may not be aware of. This issue can cause significant wear and tear over time, as well as have an influence on battery performance. However, you may be required to travel on occasion. It’s a good idea to have a battery charger on hand in this situation. The status of the battery is monitored by a battery charge, which is charged as needed.

8.Conduct a Battery load test

A battery load test, which may be done by a mechanic, should be done once a month. This is to guarantee that the gadget can charge correctly even in extreme cold.


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