If you are one among those thinking about green energy source for your home application needs, then you might have probably thought about solar energy. Installation of solar panels at your home can make your home more sustainable, help you reduce your home electricity bills, and also enable you to generate side income. However, if you are planning to install solar panels at your home, then there might be a number of misconceptions or questions associated with it. Is it difficult to get solar panels installed at your home? Will it be a worthy investment? Do you need to take permission before installation? Will they provide efficient output even in bad weather conditions? If all these questions are running in your mind, then we’ve got all the answers for you.

Furthermore, a group of solar cells connected electrically and enclosed in a frame forms a solar panel. These solar photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight into electricity that can be used to power your home electrical appliances, various electrical machines at your institutions, car, etc. In addition, there are many advantages of installing solar panel systems at your home right from having a positive impact on the environment to eliminating your monthly energy bills. However, you will get them to experience when you get solar panels installed at your home and start using solar power.

  1. Solar Panels Work in a Bad Weather Too: –

Yes, solar panels do produce maximum power in the hot sunny days when the sunlight is hitting directly to the solar panels. But this does not mean that solar panels would not work on cloudy days or when there is bad weather. So, especially during winters, you did not need to be worried as the solar panels can produce energy from light and not heat. However, the solar panels system cannot produce electricity during the night but you can use the stored energy to power your electrical appliances. Furthermore, you can also sell the excess amount of energy to the national grid and earn money.

  1. No Need to Take Permission for Installation: –

If you are planning to install solar panels at your home, then no need to take any permissions before installation. You just need to check the available space, whether it will get sunlight if installed at a particular place or rooftop and thus, install solar panels at a perfect place to get efficient output.

  1. Solar Panels Installation is Easier: –

Yes, installation of the solar panels system is easier than you think. As most of the electricity systems are already connected to the utility grid, solar panels can be easily installed and maintained. Furthermore, you can consult technicians for installation of the solar panels. However, solar panels are built to withstand bad weather conditions and can be there at the outdoors all year long. It also protects your rooftop by covering it.

  1. Solar Panels Energy is Stored via Battery: –

You all might be clear with the concept that the solar panels system uses sunlight to produce electricity. So, when the sun goes down, you might be worried about how solar panels work. During day time, the photovoltaic cells absorb solar energy from the sunlight and store it in the solar battery. Thus, an efficient amount of solar energy is stored in the battery and can be used whenever required. However, for more details about solar battery, you can go through the tips that can help you to choose the right solar battery for your home.  

  1. It is Indeed a Great Investment: –

If you have come this long, then you are on strong words to buy solar panels. Investment in the solar panels is the best decision you make as it can deliver you better returns. Furthermore, the technology of the photovoltaic cells i.e. solar panels is advancing rapidly and hence, this is the right time to invest in solar panels. Such investment can help you reduce your energy bills, and make your home greener and cheaper to run. You can also sell the surplus energy to the grid and earn your money back. So, isn’t it a great investment?

  1. Solar Panel Systems are Highly Durable and Maintenance-free: –

So, if you are making an investment in the solar panels system, then the first question arises in your mind – is it durable? The answer to your question is Yes! The photovoltaic cells solar panel system is made of the tempered glass and can withstand high winds, rain, hail, and snow. It also has the ability to protect your rooftop from daily wear and tear and thus, extends the life of it. Therefore, solar panels are highly durable and maintenance-free. However, only in extreme circumstances, you need to wash and clean the solar panels. You can check it out the tips given in the previous blog.

  1. Solar Panel System can be Installed for Domestic and Commercial Applications: –

Even if your home is small with the smallest rooftop, the solar panel system can be installed and further, can be planned to reach their potential for every home. Practically, solar panels can be installed anywhere may it be in the domestic or commercial sector; in the area where it receives direct sunlight. However, for more detailed information, you can go through the solar energy for sustainable living.