Solar power is known to be a great source of energy that is generated from sunlight to provide electricity. Installing solar panel at your home, institutions, schools, colleges, etc. will enable you to make the most use of renewable energy, lower monthly electricity bills, trigger pollution-free environment, and has no virtual maintenance.

If you made an investment in owning solar panels and got them to your home, then here are the cleaning and maintenance tips that will ensure long-term benefits on your journey with the solar panels.

Solar Panels Maintenance Tips: –
  • Examine Your Solar System’s Components: –

When you have owned and installed solar panels at your home, it is very important to check the condition of the wiring and the frames occasionally. If you neglect constant inspection of your solar system’s components, then you will be facing major repairs in the later stage. So, have a look at the components of your solar system; inspect the condition of wiring, and mounting rack that hold the solar panels.

While you check the condition of your solar system’s components or look for any damage issues, you can also look for any broken glasses, frayed wiring, and missing bolts. Sometimes, you can also find any leakages or water damage issues. So, always put an eye on solar system components and get things fixed at an early stage before it becomes a costly repair.

Furthermore, even if you find everything right, it is necessary to contact a trained professional and get your solar system examined once a year.

  • Sun and Shade Monitoring: –

In order to get maximum effectiveness from your solar panels, make sure that your solar panels get prolonged access to direct sunlight. Though you have installed solar panels at a place of sunlight paths, sometimes there might be a change in the pattern of sunrays. However, as years pass by, there might be trees that grow long near to the solar panels or construction of big buildings might have taken place side by that avoids the sun rays to fall on your solar panel. So, it’s always important to keep an eye on your solar panels and make sure your solar panels are placed in sunlight oriented area.

  • Energy Monitoring: –

After installing solar panels at your home, it is necessary to record the amount of energy produced on a consistent basis. In addition, on a cloudy day, make a special note of energy recorded. It helps you to track the efficiency of your solar system and troubleshoot it based on your tracking results. Furthermore, while installing solar panels at your home, your manufacturer might provide an energy monitor that enables you to track the results in an effective manner.

However, there will be no moving parts for the solar panels; you need not worry about rust and breakdown of the installed solar panels. Thus, you will experience less maintenance of your solar system.

Solar Panels Cleaning Tips: –
  • Solar Panel Cleaning: –

When you are getting solar panels installed from a particular manufacturer, ask them for the cleaning tips as well. They might provide you some specific recommendations for cleaning. However, if it is a rainy day, then the rain itself does the cleaning of your solar panels. But, make sure to wipe off if there is any dirt or debris present in between the solar panels. For this, you can use plain water and a soft cloth.

  • Never use a soap or an abrasive sponge: –

It is very important to take the utmost care of your solar panels while cleaning. If you use an abrasive sponge or soap for cleaning your solar panels, it may scratch the glass and reduce its efficiency. So, always use a soft cloth or biodegradable soap to clean your solar panels.

  • Use a long-handled wiper: –

While cleaning solar panels, it is important to take care of yourself and the people around you. So, when you are starting the work of cleaning your solar panels, use a long-handled wiper that helps you to clean them by standing on the ground or by standing away from the solar panels. If you are standing on the roof, then take proper care as the roof may be slippery.

  • Remove dirt before it gets accumulated: –

As there is so much unseen dirt in the air, you will be able to see the dirt when it settles down on an object. However, as the solar panels are installed on a rooftop directing sunlight, you can see dirt getting accumulated within a few days. So, keep an eye on your solar panels and clean then regularly as the solar panels with the dirt accumulated on it may not give you efficient results.

Depending on the type of solar panel being installed at your home, weekly or monthly cleaning should be done. If you have any queries regarding your solar panel cleaning, you can ask your manufacturer.