E-Rickshaw Batteries


Overview : –

Rickshaw is a common transportation that most people use in their transit. Furthermore, E-rickshaw battery is the latest model that emerged into the marketplace and thus, it has a great demand. Qwik – a leading battery supplier in Hyderabad, India supplies and exports these E-rickshaw batteries with the use of advanced technology.

In addition, E-rickshaws from Qwik consume fewer electrolytes and help you to drive more kilometers with less battery consumption. This E-rickshaw battery not only enables you to start the rickshaw but also acts as a fuel in your drive. Thus, if you are looking for the best E-rickshaw battery, then use Qwik batteries for better performance and less maintenance. E-rickshaws are pollution-free vehicles and when you start using E-rickshaw batteries from the best battery supplier in Hyderabad – Qwik, you can experience a pleasant and safe ride. Moreover, they are in high-demand as it encourages pollution-free environments and also available at very lowest prices.

Furthermore, if you are suffering from the low mileage of your E-rickshaws, then buy Qwik batteries now and experience more mileage than before. These batteries require low maintenance, deliver high performance, and suitable for rugged E-rickshaw application. In addition, one of the notable features of this E-rickshaws  from the best battery supplier in India – Qwik, is it takes less time to charge the battery and runs for a longer duration of time.

Features : –

  • High performance and longer life due to high-quality pure lead and special alloys.
  • Special venting system.
  • It requires less maintenance.
  • Full charge in less time.
  • Designed with advanced technology for robust and rugged use.


Model No.CapacityBox TypeDimentions in mmWeightin kgWarranty
 (Ah) LengthWidthHeight