Car Batteries


The car battery is known to be the heart of your four-wheeler and so, you should go for the best in the market to experience amazing performance and improve the life of your car. As there are more and more development changes made in the automotive world; automotive batteries are also advancing in their way. So, QWIK Power Industries INDIA LLP – the best battery supplier in INDIA has researched, designed, and developed car batteries with the use of the latest technology. Furthermore, QWIK car batteries are known to deliver advanced features compared to the other batteries in the market and are also, available at very affordable prices.

If you are planning to replace your car battery or buy a new car battery, then QWIK car battery is the best option for you. In addition, QWIK is renowned as one of the leading car battery suppliers in INDIA with the quality, performance, maintenance-free batteries that they deliver in the market. Furthermore, QWIK car batteries are being developed with calcium technology and are manufactured under world-class manufacturing equipment. These car batteries in INDIA provide high cranking power, low self-discharge ratio, longer life, and zero maintenance. Also, QWIK car batteries are designed to operate smoothly under high temperatures, tolerate vibration resistance, and are available in factory charged – ready to use condition.

QWIK, recognized as the top-notch car battery supplier in INDIA provides a wide range of car batteries at various specifications. You can contact our technicians, choose a suitable battery that fits your vehicle, and buy the best one. Also, you can check our car battery prices and buy the one that meets your budget.


* Glass Matt.

* Calcium Technology

* High Cranking Power.

* Very low Self-discharge.