As a leading battery supplier in INDIA, QWIK is known to provide high-quality and long-lasting automotive batteries in World at affordable prices. Furthermore, an automotive battery is known as a device that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle that enables it to start the engine. However, as the use of vehicles is increasing rapidly, there is a wide range of batteries available in the market. If you are looking for car batteries, then before making a purchase, look into the technology that is used in the design and manufacturing process. It is because, according to the driving needs of your vehicle, you can choose a particular technology’s automotive battery.

Amid a highly competitive market of automotive battery suppliers in INDIA, QWIK is recognized as the top-notch battery supplier and exporter in INDIA that is producing long-life automotive batteries as per international standards. One who chooses and uses QWIK automotive batteries can experience trouble-free performance and a smooth driving experience with more fun. Our technical team and quality controllers use superior quality components and advanced technologies in the design and manufacturing process and thus, delivering high-quality automotive batteries in INDIA. It is also known as a rechargeable battery and is used for vehicles such as cars, trucks, autos, tractors, etc.

Furthermore, QWIK automotive batteries in Hyderabad are being developed with the use of calcium technology and thus, delivers a low self-discharge ratio, no excessive gassing, improved resistance to corrosion, and require less water. These automotive batteries are completely maintenance-free and deliver high cranking power. Therefore, QWIK being renowned as one of the best automotive battery suppliers in INDIA provides the best automotive batteries that are specially designed to prevent overcharging, are highly reliable, and resistant to both heat and vibration.

 Features :-

  • High Cranking Power.
  • Very low Self-discharge.
  • New advanced, special long-life.
  • Better resistance to both heat & vibration.
  • Specially designed to prevent overcharging.
  • Special negative PE separators with GLASS MATT.
  • Specially designed hybrid grid with purest active material.
  • Batteries delivered factory charged “ready-to-use” condition.
  • Special paste formulation for Positive & Negative plates.
  • Higher life expectancy with superior charge acceptance in service.
  • No freshening charge is required for up to 6 months from the date of manufacture.