Automotive batteries


Overview :

As a leading battery supplier in India, Qwik is known to provide high-quality and long-lasting automotive batteries at affordable prices. Furthermore, an automotive battery is known as a device that supplies electrical current to a motor vehicle that enables it to start the engine. However, as the use of vehicles is increasing rapidly, there is a wide range of batteries available in the market. If you are looking for car batteries, then before making a purchase, look into the technology that is used in the design and manufacturing process. It is because, according to the driving needs of your vehicle, you can choose a particular technology’s automotive battery.

Amid a highly competitive market of automobile batteries in India, Qwik is recognized as the top-notch battery supplier and exporter in India that is producing long-life automotive batteries as per the international standards. One who chooses and uses Qwik car batteries can experience trouble-free performance and a smooth driving experience with more fun. Our technical team and quality controllers use superior quality components and the advanced technologies in the design and manufacturing process and thus, delivering high-quality automotive batteries in Hyderabad. It is also known as a rechargeable battery and used for vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, tractors, etc.

Features :

  • Calcium technology is used in the design and manufacturing process.
  • Lower self-discharge ratio.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • High performance.
  • Long-life guarantee.