Battery Suppliers in INDIA – QWIK Power Industries INDIA LLP has emerged into this competitive world with an aim to provide power solutions with the ultimate lead-acid batteries in INDIA. The most superior quality batteries designed and manufactured by our ardent team of experts are highly appreciated by our clients. Thus, we are now recognized as a brand delivering high quality and high-performing batteries for various applications in INDIA and overseas markets.

Our enthusiastic team of technicians and quality controllers considers all the applications and their various power range requirements. Thus, we produce customized batteries for various application needs. Furthermore, QWIK Batteries are manufactured under ISO-certified automated plants and thus, delivering superior batteries with high-quality components. In addition, our wide range of batteries includes Tubular Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Solar Batteries, Motorcycle Batteries, VRLA and SMF Batteries, E-rickshaw Batteries, E-vehicle Batteries, Lithium Batteries and 2-Volt Batteries of various specifications.

Since the inception of the company, we made our business dealings with the committed workflow and earned as the best battery exporter in INDIA. If you are looking to purchase quality lead-acid batteries like car batteries from the best battery suppliers in INDIA – then, experience the most effective performance of your applications only with the use of QWIK Batteries


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With an extensive commitment to fulfil our great vision of providing electrical power solutions according to the international market standards, we have entered into this highly competitive world. QWIK, a leading battery supplier, and exporter in INDIA provides electrical energy through power batteries at very affordable prices. However, as the demand for electrical energy is increasing rapidly, our main objective is to meet this challenge and provide high-performing batteries for all industrial, automobile, and domestic applications. With QWIK Batteries, you will experience trouble-free services, low maintenance, effective output and this is our promise.


Our team of experienced professionals has made us recognized as the best battery supplier in INDIA and our main mission is to provide quality batteries as per international standards at competitive prices. Thus, our high-quality lead-acid batteries are Tubular Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Solar BatteriesMotorcycle Batteries, VRLA and SMF BatteriesE-rickshaw Batteries, E-vehicle Batteries, Lithium Batteries  and 2-Volt Batteries.

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Our responsibility is to achieve our mission and vision and be the top-notch battery supplier in INDIA and across the global markets. We have set our standards of workflow and tend to adopt more and more quality-driven practices so that we can include the latest technologies into our design and manufacturing process and produce high-quality batteries. Furthermore, our major responsibility is to look after the environmental policies and manufacture products that are environment-friendly and economical as well. We are always committed to build high-energy and resource-saving products, as we are known to the world as the best battery exporter in INDIA. In addition, we provide a wide range of batteries like Tubular Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Solar BatteriesMotorcycle Batteries, VRLA and SMF BatteriesE-rickshaw Batteries, E-vehicle Batteries, Lithium Batteries  and 2-Volt Batteries, with the ultimate care in the process of battery design, development, delivery, and maintenance. Furthermore, we also provide Solar Modules in INDIA which are designed and developed with extremely high-quality components.


We always follow a strict recruitment process to employ a team for QWIK batteries. Until now, our ardent team of expert technicians, quality controllers, and outstanding engineers have successfully served each client of us in the best way possible. They are well experienced and highly knowledgeable and helped us to uplift this company as the best battery supplier in INDIA. We now stand as a leading firm in this competitive world and it is all because of the hard works, skills, and dedication of our team in delivering superior-quality tubular batteries in INDIA to our valuable clients



Green Environment is a Safe Environment. Our technical team will always put their efforts to produce environment-friendly batteries and recycle all types of batteries in INDIA


Our team’s dedication, hard work, and consistency in delivering high-quality batteries have made us recognizable as the best battery supplier & exporter in INDIA. With a constant rise in our performance metrics, we have built a reputation in the global industrial market as the best INDIAn brand of battery supplier and exporter companies. Moreover, our global customers are very much satisfied with the quality of the products we deliver. We have major exporters across the world and they are – East Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Nepal regions.

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car battery


Various types of batteries are needed in different industrial, domestic, and automobile applications. Being the best battery supplier & exporter in INDIA – we provide our wide range of electrical solutions to multiple sectors like IT & corporates, schools, homes, hospitals, offices, industries, banking, retail shops, telecom, showrooms, etc.