3-wheeler Batteries


Auto-rickshaw, also known as a three-wheeler is the most common public vehicle used for transiting from one place to another. It undergoes movement through rough roads and terrains and experiences frequent start-stops. Thus, it is necessary for such a transportation vehicle – a three-wheeler to make use of the most advanced and the latest auto-rickshaw battery. Therefore, QWIK – one of the most famous auto-rickshaw battery suppliers in INDIA provides high-quality three-wheeler batteries at very competitive prices. These auto-rickshaw batteries enable you to experience smooth performance and withstand resistance on undulating surfaces and INDIAn roads.

Furthermore, if you are looking for the best auto-rickshaw batteries for your three-wheeler vehicle, then buy QWIK auto-rickshaw battery that is designed and developed with the latest technology i.e. calcium technology. These auto-rickshaw batteries in INDIA deliver the most advanced features like high cranking power, low self-discharge ratio, less maintenance, and longer life. It enables you to start your auto-rickshaw easily and run other electronic systems like radio, music, and mobile charging.

QWIK – one of the best auto-rickshaw battery suppliers in INDIA provides auto-rickshaw batteries with a rugged design that can withstand arduous vibrations and severe operating conditions. These auto-rickshaw batteries are manufactured under top-class manufacturing facilities and undergo multiple quality control checks. This enables us to provide the best auto batteries in the market. So, in order to experience a trouble-free or a hassle-free ride with your three-wheeler vehicle, buy QWIK auto-rickshaw batteries that are available at various specification ranges. Furthermore, when you start using our QWIK three-wheeler batteries; the quality, performance, and features will make you realize that these QWIK batteries are worth buying. These auto batteries have a long lasting performance.


* Specially designed to prevent overcharging.

* Better resistance to both heat & vibration.

* High reliability and longer life.

* Very low Self-discharge ratio.