Qwik Power Industries India LLP is biggest supplier and exporter in Tubular, Automotive, Solar, Motorcycle, VRLA and SMF batteries from Hyderabad, India.



Being a leading battery supplier in India, we also provide Tubular batteries in India for the people who rely on inverter applications. With cutting-edge technology and high-quality components, our short-tubular and tall-tubular batteries provide high performance and low maintenance. In addition, when you will buy Tubular batteries from Qwik – top battery exporter in India.



With an increase in the number of automobile owners in India and other countries, these Automotive batteries are in high demand. Its main behavior is to supply energy to the engine of your vehicle, may it be a car, truck, bus, etc. So, if you are in search of the best Car batteries or Automotive batteries for your tractor, bus, or truck, then you can choose Qwik lead-acid automotive batteries in India.



As the name itself defines, Solar batteries are rechargeable and repeatedly usable with long-lasting durability. Solar batteries are meant to be the battery bank in case of electrical grid failure. As one of the renowned battery exporters in Hyderabad, we provide the finest solar batteries in India that ensure exceptional performance and quality. Qwik now stands as a firm at the top as the best battery suppliers in India.



We understand the pleasure you get by riding your bike and ensure you a smooth ride with our best Motorcycle batteries in India. Our ardent team of experts and technicians at Qwik – the best battery supplier in India has designed high-end Motorcycle batteries that provide you a great experience with your two-wheelers. Furthermore, the Qwik battery requires low maintenance.



E-rickshaws are pollution-free vehicles and when you start using E-Rickshaw batteries from the best battery suppliers in India – Qwik, you can experience a pleasant and safe ride. In addition, E-Rickshaw batteries in India are in high-demand as it encourages pollution-free environments and also available at very lowest prices. With this new-tech, high-quality, power-packed E-Rickshaw battery, you can enjoy a smooth ride.



2-Volt batteries are designed and manufactured with the use of advanced technology in order to provide high-end features to our customers. If you are looking for the best 2-volt batteries in India for your industrial application needs, then choose our superior-quality battery that is available at affordable prices. Qwik power industries India LLP is popular as the biggest battery supplier in India.



I have been using Qwik car battery for almost a year and I must say that the Qwik batteries are the best. I have never experienced a single issue with it, unlike other car batteries. Finally, I made a perfect choice by choosing Qwik car battery and experiencing a smooth performance of my car and the battery.

Dheeraj Sodhi

Amazingly happy with the replacement of the battery. Qwik – the best battery supplier in India and they really deliver high-quality batteries with advanced features. Highly recommended!

Sachin Sharma

We have been using Qwik solar battery from the past 3 years and my family strongly recommends it to you all. They have the best solar batteries for domestic and industrial applications and no other brand’s product can be an alternative. For superior quality batteries, choose Qwik!

Vidhyasagar Mahajan

My friend recommended Qwik Batteries, I must say it delivers what it says.It is worth every single penny.I would say if your looking for the best battery go for Qwik batteries



Qwik Power Industries India LLP is one of the biggest battery suppliers and exporter in India. We are the largest supplier of Inverter Batteries / Tubular Batteries, Solar Batteries, UPS Batteries, Automotive Batteries, Car Batteries, Truck Batteries, Heavy vehicle Batteries, Generator Batteries, Bike Batteries, and 2-volt batteries as well as solar panels.